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Recycle, Reinvent!  

Check out this "container" below filled with leaf lettuce. It's a construction-grade wheelbarrow picked up at a local estate sale for 25 bucks.


After a light sanding, priming and painting with Rustoleum--a deep aubergine--fancy name for eggplant, we drilled drainage holes in the bottom, filled it with a layer of woodchips and topped it off with a deep layer of compost and potting mix. A few packets of leaf lettuce provided many salads from April through June. 

Once the lettuce is finished, out it comes and in goes sage, rosemary, thyme and other herbs.  Because the metal gets quite hot in summer, the herbs are planted well away from the edge so their roots don't overheat. 

A Planting Plan for the Mini-Potager

Observe.  Reflect.  Bloom! 
(c) 2016 Nina A. Koziol